Travel Xperience

By SMS Europe & AirBnB Experiences

SMS Europe H.O.M.E. Travel Xperience

Here at SMS Europe, we know that being an artist or creative isn’t cheap, so to help you save a few bucks, we’ve figured out how to make budget-friendly, European travel possible. SMS Europe H.O.M.E. Stays are the perfect immersion experience for creatives, couples, and friends wanting to travel abroad.

The benefits of an SMS Europe Travel Xperience:

  • Scandinavia is an eye-opening travel experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life
  • SMS Europe will create a custom itinerary complete with all details necessary for a unique Xperience, based on your ideas, goals, and dreams
  • Great opportunity to explore your passions while exploring new parts of the world
  • Witness first-hand the global power of music, art, and culture. Learn how you can turn your passion into a career
  • Creatives benefit from international experience and exposure
  • Opportunity to incorporate international influences into their creative repertoire
  • Develop a sustainable Euro network by building meaningful relationships with the right key people and getting visibility for you and your work.
  • Gain important life skills from our experiential programs such as more confidence and a greater sense of independence.
  • Leave with a more inclusive perspective and approach to the world, as well as a global mindset that is grounded in cultural competency and appreciation

Our H.O.M.E. Stays are not only good for having an immersive experience, but they also provide a European home base and provide a family atmosphere for guests. That means they will always have someone looking out for them and welcoming them into their H.O.M.E. as if they are part of the family. It’s an incredible Xperience to have a family in another part of the world

We love working with youth. Our programs will help expand their global perspective as well as gain a working appreciation and understanding of working in a multicultural setting. This will help strengthen their ability to adapt, embrace, and open themselves up to all of the people, food, cultural norms and languages they will come across. They will learn deeply and grow purposefully from the immersive experience. They will also gain professional and international experience setting themselves apart from their peers.