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SMSEurope Hosts American University In Sweden

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Music as a tool for an equal society

They want to use music as tools to lead American youth away from the criminal banana. On Wednesday, two professors from Alabama Visby visited to enable a future student exchange

In one week, the two professors Andrea Hunt and Robert A. Garfrerick of the University of North Alabama visited Sweden and Denmark to explore the opportunities to create an exchange between students from Sweden and Alabama. During Wednesday they were in Visby. The project is based on the idea of ​​how music and art form the society and its youth. It’s also about how to use music as a platform for social justice.

“We have major social problems with crime and drugs, and this is about how to use music to engage young people and to achieve a more equal society,” said Andrea Hunt.

According to the two professors, there are major social problems throughout the United States.

Article ImageAndrea Hunt was looking to explore Visby.

“It’s about preventing the paved road from school to prison,” says Robert A. Garfrerick.

On-site was also the renowned hip-hop producer Cory Parham, from Slowmotion soundz in Huntsville, who together with Rosanna Eriksson also started Ozone Solutions in Landskrona.

“In the United States, new prisons are being built rather than investing in culture. Here in Sweden, you pay government money on the music, “he says.

“In Sweden, you can get money from, for example, study associations, clarifies Rosanna Eriksson who, together with Cory Parhan, coordinated the project.

On site in Visby was also the hostess Hanna Herbertson who marketed the project.

Searching government funds for music and art projects is difficult in the United States. The music scene is also not as accessible to young people in the United States as it is in Sweden.

“Sweden is doing a really good job and it would be possible to use the Swedish model in the United States, but we have conservative politicians who need to change their minds for it to happen,” says Robert A. Garfrerick.

In May 2018, Andrea Hunt and Robert A. Garfrerickkunna hope to come back to Sweden, then together with a group of exchange students.

“These models are already in Sweden and hopefully we can bring some of our students here,” she says.