We are Landskrona City Agency. A collective of innovative music + tech + dance + travel + project management services and resources

Why Choose Us?

Landskrona City Agency helps creatives gain exposure in European Markets. We are a multinational company with operations in Landskrona, Sweden and Huntsville, Alabama (USA).

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What We Offer?

We provide creatives custom travel & marketing solutions to Europe. These solutions connect brands with relevant resources to expand & stimulate global commerce.

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Music Production Services

Music Production Services

Track Production + Record/Mix/Mastering  + Music Publishing Services + Book your session today

Management & Consultation

Management & Consultation

Project Management and consulting for creatives and educational institutions. These solutions help stimulate global commerce

AirBnB + Music Travel Xperience

AirBnB + Music Travel Xperience

Make music while traveling! There’s no better feeling than creating while immersed in a new environment.



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Cars will be manufactured in a fully automated factory designed